Simien Mountains National Park

Located in north of Gondar along the road to Axum, the Simien Mountains offer a uniquely wonderful sight: high peaks and deep gorges, valleys and rivers, golden barley field’s as far as the eye can see.

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Abijata-Shalla National Park

The park is 887 sq. km wide; 482sq km of this is covered by the lakes’ water. The altitude ranges from 1500 to 2000 meters. The highest peak is Mt fike, situated between the two lakes. The lakes are terminal, but they are very different in nature.

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Omo National Park

Omo National Park is on the west bank of the Omo River in the lower Omo valley. The park is c.140 km long, stretching from the Neruze River in the south to the Sharum plain in the north, and up to 60 km wide where the Park Headquarters are situated.

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Nechi Sar National Park

Nechisar National Park links two of the Rift Valley lakes, Abaya – the longest and largest of the valley – and Chamo. As well as their crocodiles and bird life, Lakes Abaya and Chamo are famous for their sport fishing, especially for Nile perch – often weighing more than 100 kilos – and for the fighting tiger fish.

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Gambella National Park

This is a remote and swampy park that is not so well protected so it is invaded by cotton plantations and Sudanese refugee camps. Yet animals such as elephant, buffalo, lion, roan antelope, tiang, Lelwel hartebeest, olive baboon and gureza monkey can be seen as well as many interesting birds.

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Bale Mountains National Park

With its majestic boundaries, the Bale Mountain is the only natural conservation site left in Africa preserving its unique flora and fauna with relatively undisturbed examples of five vegetation zones and the longest afro alpine moor land in Africa.

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Yangudi-Rassa National Park

Yangudi-Rassa National Park is in the centre of the Afar Region (in the northern section of the Rift Valley) between the towns of Gewani and Mille, and 500 km from Addis Ababa.

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Mago National Park

The Mago National Park was established in 1979, making it the newest of Ethiopia’s several National Parks. Its highest point is Mount Mago (2528 meters).

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Awash National Park

Leave early to drive 225 kms southeast of Addis to Awash National Park, home to large mammals which include beisa oryx, greater and lesser kudu, defassa waterbuck, hamadryas and anubis baboon and 5 endemic birds.

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