About Founder
About Founder

Tariku W/Aregay was born and grew up in the eastern part of Ethiopia: Awash National Park, where his father used to work. Tariku did his primary and high school study in Awash and moved to Addis for College. He studied Tour Operation, Guiding and Tourism Management at one of the prestigious tourism management training institutes in the country.

He started working as a local guide in the National Park when he was 15 years old during the weekend and summer time when school closed. He spent most of his life with American researchers in the Park, who are working on wild life research. He has great foreign life experiences and has traveled to many countries for experience sharing.

He mostly travels with his groups during visits to different parts of the country to ensure his clients’ maximum comfort and share his professional experiences to his groups. He has won a lot of positive comments from the groups he traveled with. Tariku is also very well known at all tourist destinations in Ethiopia as a very sociable person.

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